The maturity assessment

Completely unsure how to do a process maturity I ended up making it. In essence what I have done is go through each of the 20 or so ITIL processes and grade each on the following scale:

Grade Description
NR Not Relevant/Required
0 No known process in place
1 Process or activity exists but it is not formalised and documented
2 Process has documented procedures and activities but may not be complete or follow ITIL guidelines
3 Process is signed off as compliant or appropriate in ITIL guidelines and can be taken forward as part of ISO 20000/27001 audit

A couple of examples: Service Portfolio Management – we don’t have one in place (yet – another one of my jobs to get that under way) so a clear 0 score there; Incident Management: we have process flow diagrams (done for ISO work initially) and descriptions, initial metrics determined – so the majority of pieces in place not complete or accepted as a fully covering ITIL guidelines, so scores 2.

Having established a grade for each the trick is to determine what needs to be done to get a process from grade 0 to grade hero? Given that there are a lot of processes to deal with at varying levels (though mostly grade 1) breaking this up in to 0 to 1 tasks, 1 to 2 tasks, and 2 to 3 tasks should allow for a more controlled and manageable means of getting everything up to 3. Once at grade 3 then that’s us in the ITIL life cycle and subject to CSI to make them better. I would think early on there would be a lot of room for improvement, tweaking, and just getting it right – but that’s a long way off.


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