Setting the tools

Read a good blog post today (ITMATURITY) that probably more correctly asserts that you don’t “implement” ITIL any more than you would implement a phone book, rather you transform your IT services using ITIL. I see his point but “implement” is just so widely used that it’s hard to avoid, so provided it’s understood what is meant by implementation then all’s well.

Meanwhile, today I demo’d to management the likely replacement to our existing support software. I rather like it, it being OTRS with the ITSM plugin. I’m reliably informed that all help desk software is rubbish in some area and I’ll wager OTRS will have its bad points too, but what I like is the additional ITIL bits that are built into the ITSM plugin: CMDB, SLA management, Customer, FAQ, and some more. The reporting looks fairly extensive too. The real test is going to be tomorrow as I’m going to demo to support staff and various dev team people who’ll have a more critical eye of these things. As the great book says (well book 2, Service Design):

a fool with a tool is still a fool

The point being, neat software isn’t a silver bullet, it is just there to help support services and processes, more specifically the people who have to do it.


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