Published on paper

To get the most out of you photography I always find that having the image on a physical piece of paper is so much more satisfying then seeing it on a screen, even of it’s quite big. Printing the odd photo is fine, but publishing (well, self-publishing) in a book is an order of magnitude better. By arranging you favourite images into a logical order, paying attention to layout, and adding in a little descriptive text gives the collection something more, like a narative or collective meaning.

In my first (as I expect I’ll make more) collection of images titled “Photography | one: Cityscape” (don’t be afraid to be pretenious) I decided to make a portfolio of my work with the theme of urban photography, grouped by city. It isn’t reportage as the images aren’t intended to be a complete representation or comment on the cities featured, just simply a “context” to which each selection of images belong to. I suppose it’s just to keep it tidy and under control.

Anyway, one I think I particularly like is that the book is available to purchase by anyone (no takers to date but you never know). So have a look yourself, the whole book can be previewed below, and if you want to buy it (go on, you know you want it) then must follow the link. Better still, buy lot’s of copies. And if you’re the buyer for Walmart or Tesco why not start off with say 20,000 copies and see how it goes from there. Super.


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