Processes, plans, and standards

Time to wheel out PRINCE2 again. And about time too. Although this project management tool has been cherry picked to help run ongoing work (and PRINCE2 doesn’t really work properly unless you do it all), the time has come to really use it to properly control not only the development cycle at work, but to implement the ITIL processes into our work practises. Also, we’re looking to get ISO 27000/27001 ratings – again something that (in an oddly recursive manner) can be planned in how to establish and document the changes required, one of which will be using an established PM tool.

The trick is making sure I have the time to be able to work on planning. I’ve still to get through an online ITIL training course (and get certified) and then look to get ITIL to control and guide our work processes.

I’m not giving much detail here. And I should, all in good time, once I know what I’m going on about.



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