Here, seen it, done it…kind of..

And it came to pass that I finally made it to the US. And sure enough it looked just like on the TV. The cars are big, and the buildings bigger. Actually they’re unbelievable bigger.

The conference went well, best bit being finding out about for generating stunning looking presentations using flash. It’s really really really simple to use and the results are outrageous.

I’m due to fly home tomorrow but I’m glad to say Miami didn’t disapppoint. The highlight has to be the UKFPO drinks reception on the 55th floor of the Wachovia building (in the Miami Club – yes you probably have to be staggeringly rich to be a member of that but they let scum like us in for the evening which was kind of them). If the views were astonishing enough, a thunder storm flashed its way across the city just for our entertainment.



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