Why go so far?

So why am I going to Miami?

Even though my job is in web development of a national NHS web site part of my job description includes having to do some research based on the very large data set that we have derived from the usage of this site. So my trip is to present data relating to user activities across the UK at an international medical e-education conference (OTTAWA).

I have the data mined and some graphs showing some interesting patterns of activity by the users, all I have to do now is write a 15 minute presentation that will communicate an interesting story. 15 minutes is rather short though – longer presentations are always easier.

Anyway, much of my time will not be spent on Miami beach, but in some darkened room enjoying other people’s 15 minutes of fun. Still, better in a room in Miami than in a darkened room in Scotland will it tips with rain outside. Well for a few days anyway (I can’t go too long without a Tunnock’s Caramel bar and a decent cup of tea). I do plan to come home.

More on my facinating research later.


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