Fasthosts: rotten miserable sods – hope they go bust!!

Thinking about a cheap hosting provider – don’t choose as they’ve made me rather unhappy. I think it’s unreasonable to automatically renew a hosting account and take payment without any  prior warning. They did and now I’m stuck with their crappy hosting for another year.

Actually, it was an account for a client who didn’t want to have a web site anymore, so I was just going to close it when the time came. Trouble is the time came and went and all I got was an invoice saying thanks for the payment. I complained to them that I’ve never come across a company of any sort that doesn’t prewarn you about imminent payments to be taken from your credit card. Their response was along the lines of “you signed the terms and conditions so tough shit”.

My current hosting company is – a US firm who’ve been really rather good. However, I decided this year to switch hosting to a UK-based host that offered .Net 3.5 hosting – have all the bells and whistles at a very reasonable cost (I’ve already used them for other sites and not had any significant issues at all). But now that Fasthosts have forced themselves on me for another year I thought perhaps Id just use this host until this account is up – the only problem is their hosting package is useless – PHP, ASP (the dire classic variety), blah blah, but not MySQL or SQL Server DB unless you want to fork out another £50. Yeah right!

So what do I do? cut my losses and find a bargain basement PHP/MySQL host for a year (probably) and tell Fasthosts to go **** themselves (probably not but like to).



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