I'm in there, everywhere…er..

No sooner do I start to tweet (about once a fornight from my mobile when stuck on the train) I’ve now got myself a facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/timrpbrown). This can go along with my Linkedin account (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/timrpbrown). Hopefully that’s the set. Now what? Tell people about how I fixed the paving slabs in the driveway today? Fantastic! Amazing!

Actually, I’m looking into how to use WordPress to generate a quick CMS for a couple of people. I just need to create a couple of skins [“just” he says carelessly – I’ll bet it isn’t – Ed]. Well the sites are going to be on Linux hosted servers to DotNetNuke (which I really like) not an option. I could try Drupal, PhpNuke, or some other CMS I suppose, but somehow these are probably more difficult to configure (unless you know what you’re doing). I’ve been using WordPress for a while (and have this to muck about with if I need to test). Some research to do first before I go too far down the WP route but to date I’ve been very happy with this software (even if it is officially blogging software).


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