Support options

Thinking about replacing our existing (externally hosted) support system. It’s OK, but not has a few short comings that are becoming troublesome. So I’ve been looking around for software that we can can install and host ourselves (so needs to be a .Net app really). I found a good candidate (helpConnection) except that what you get is a compiled site, so difficult to make it do what we want it to do. The only open source app I can find ( is a bit basic (doesn’t even use code behind).

I came across a nice DotNetNuke module but is a bug tracker so again, not quite what we want.

What’s troubling me is that the obvious solution is to build our own system that is internal to the site. Just the small issue of resources then (not so much cost as time).

Meanwhile, the twitter experiment continues. Interim result: I still don’t get it.

Happy New Year.


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