I’ve started twittering now. Well, at least I’ve added a few tweets anyway ( I’m not quite sure how people find time to do it. If I’m busy then I don’t have time to tell people I’m busy, you see I’m, well, busy. That said, it’s great to be able to text a tweet from my mobile (useful when nothing better to do during a day at one of my kid’s swimming competitions).

The question is how to use Twitter in a less personal setting. For example, we’ve set up twitter accounts for a couple of the web sites I work on. I could be used for posting brief updates that people my choose to follow – think this is the idea. It’s getting the most from it I suppose.

Reading around, Twitter sits somewhere between blogging and instant messaging. All the same, just where do folk find the time for all of this, and is it really that beneficial. Given the immense growth of Twitter I can only assume it must be, but just now I am still mostly sitting in the sizeable “I still don’t get it” camp. I’m working on it.


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