And finally giving in,

Last night I learned that the site I’ve been working on (in a part-time capacity) since 2001 has run it’s course and is to be ended. However, like a pheonix from the flames it’ll rise again – perhaps. The difference is that the web is different in 2009 compared to 2001. Web 2.0 (yawn) came along and now it’s social networking all round (yes that magical process whereby everyone indulges in narcasitic self-absorption by forming huge networks of people droning on about themselves as if anyone is listening their “me me me”). And here I cam doing exactly that. This difference is that I know no one is reading this, and care even less.

The ultimate in pointless web 2.0 me-isms seems to be Twitter, we you have to say me me me in 3 words or less. So, in the interests of research and hypocrisy I start my own twitter. Research? into what? Ah well, you see the re-birth of Fleming Forum (it is this that is facing a rocky future) is to be re-invented. And the way to do that is to shorten the news stories that once appeared. Reviews become News, and News become tweets. More items, shorter, more regular, and ideal for mobile devices. Suddenly tweeting begins to look like it might not be entirely pointless. Whether tweet itself, or just to look at how it works, gets written and read, in order to replicate a bespoke version, well let’s see.

Of course, the tweet:


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