Changing again

As much as a simple CMS system template is usful for creating other people’s web sites, I think I’m going to unplug the Core4i.PHP version running Reasons: Core40i.PHP just isn’t nearly as good as Core04i.Net and my host is not on a windows machine, so it has to be a PHP option for me.

I recently set up a DotNetNuke site – very simple to set up for the most part, and for what I want to acheive on (essentailly a brochure site) there’s better, appropriately configurable CMS are out there . PHPNuke I’ve tried before and just seemed too complex. Looked also at Joomla, Mambo, and e107. However, in the end I opted for Drupal.

Next few weeks will tell as to how well this suits me, depending on how much time I can put towards setting up.

Lastly, the domain name is due to expire shortly – I think I’ll just let it go – never did think of a good use for it….


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