6 weeks to get organised

After 2 weeks of immersion into the world of PRINCE2 project management training (week 1 pre-course reading, week 2 taught course work and exams) I’ve come out the other side with Foundation PRINCE2 qualifcation, the Practioner exam result not out for another 2 weeks. But also in my head is a desire to get my current work processes pulled kicking and screaming into a managed process that follows the PRINCE2 methodology. The trick is to scale the projects correctly, and fit the right people into the right roles.

I’m reliably informed, however, that most commonly people return from management courses enthused and ready to implement all their new found knowledge, and this state of mind lasts for 6 weeks. After that point the energy runs out and it’s back to business as usual.

So the challenge is to get processes in place and running before this happens, by which point we are commited a work flow that gives the team, and the work we produce, better delivery times, quality, and realistic planning of future work.

Luckily my line manager recently completed that same course so at least she’ll have the same inclination to acheive the same goal.Or has she had her 6 weeks…?!


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