New Gallery, new site

Well the Flickr experiment didn’t really work so instead I install Coppermine gallery – at and I just need to start adding categories etc.. Better but still not ideal as my server host won’t let very big images up – unlike flickr. Still, it suits my purposes anyway.

However, the big thing is I’ve suddenly decided to redesign again. This time using a single big graphic (inspired by – this site ( is just great for keeping an eye on design trends.

I’ve used a photo I took of some biscuit cutters (some vague metaphor here maybe?) sitting on a glass-topped table (so it’s a real reflection, not a photoshop job) . If you have a small screen res then you’re stuffed, but I wanted max effect, not standard day-to-day usability. The content, styling and layout still needs a little work, and I need to get images into the content areas. Should keep me going for a while anyway.


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