Learning again

In 3 weeks is a PRINCE2 project management course – and intensive 5 days (and evenings) learning, preparing for, and sitting exams to get Foundation and Certification in PRINCE2. I’ve a pile of pre-course reading (and note-taking to do before then). It’s an expensive course (£1400) but the benefit to my CV should be worth the effort.

More importantly, the work I do is becoming increasing large and complex, so a methodology that can be applied to these various strands of work will be essential. A number of customers / user groups have their own project managers running their side of developments so both organisations can at least understand who doing what and why.

On an entirely different subject, I’ve started to think about rebuilding 404i.com again. Well redesigning at least, and gear it even more towards an online CV rather than touting for business (which I’m not at present, unless the right offer were to come along).

I’d like to start using Silverlight (Microsoft’s new rival to Flash) but my host (dot5hosting) is a LAMP open-source type thing. Cheap, with masses of storage space (and realiable too), but it’s all PHP and MySQL. Nothing wrong with these, but I really need a .Net 3.5 hosted site (like eukhost.com). Bit too busy just now to even think about this.


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