MSDN treats

Through the very excellent BizSpark initiative from Microsoft, I now have a form of MSDN subscription that’s allowed me to install Expression Studio. Two things about this collection of products – firstly Expression Web: this I suppose is the replacement for the dreadful and hated FrontPage. And to my surprise, it’s actually quite good. I rattled up a quick basic html page wysiwyg style, and incredibly the code produced was xhtml that validated cleanly. Wow! Is this a serious contender for Dreamweaver? I don’t know if people still use Dreamweaver these days (if professionals ever did that is), but for the legions of amateurs I wonder if they’d choose one over the other. Anyway, if I needed to run up a very quick chunk of xhtml then Expression Web will do.

The other part of Expression is the whole Silverlight thing. I think this might in the end be a comptetitor to Flash since it allows all the .Net developers in. I never really got very far with Flash’s ActionScript, and to do anything serious with Flash you have to know your ActionScripts. So what if I were to take the Silverlight route, WPF, XAML, and the whole shooting match? The trouble is just don’t know where to start. In Design? Blend? VS 2008? Probably it would help if I have something real to try build.

Having said all of that, I would get started on anything until I get booked onto, do, and pass a PRINCE2 certification. And from that point I’ll do even less development, and more compiling endless planning documents, etc…

(BTW, I wrote this in Word 2007 and published it to the blog – damn that clever!)


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