Hosting issues – stick or twist?

My current host (cheap but reliable, bags of storage which I don’t make full use of, php on a linux box + MySQL db), is coming close to renewal. So do I stick with it or jump ship to a similarly priced windows host that gives .net 2.0 (3.5 soon if not already), classic ASP, PHP, MySQL and SQL Server 2005 (but not much storage space, low band-width, and less reliable).

So what do I do? Do I actually need a .net host? Easy enough to play locally, and at least 2 sites .net through work?

Downloaded and tried out Google’s Chrome browser (still in beta). Looks quite good, mostly. The only problem I came across was the standard .net 2.0 menu control doesn’t seem to render properly (even Opera handled that). I’m sure enough people will shout about it (including me), and hey, it is a beta after all.


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