In the last few moments

In the last few momemts of the 30’s (shortly to enter my fortieth year on 17th May), I lool back on what I’ve done and more importantly perhaps, where I’m going.

In 1998 I started a distance learning course in COBOL no less while at the same time quietly learning up all that was know about html at the time. At that time, though the web was the place I needed to target my efforts (not not COBOL), people didn’t really do web development for a job back then (not many anyway). Still, COBOL gives you a good grounding in structured programming. Oddly enough, it was the decision to revise for for impending exams by putting it all down on a web page that really got me going on the web. Helped by a VB 6 course that introduced me to “Classic” ASP which would eventually be the scripting language of my first paid web jobs.

Now in 2008 I notionally project manage a .Net 2.0 build for a increasingly significant NHS project. I say “notionally” as the main developers on this project are highly experienced developers from whom I have much to glean from their work. So I’m involved in a good, and growing project, but the future, and related challenges are these: do I get better at project management (PRINCE2 etc… with the necessary bits of paper), or ramp up my .Net skills (compared to my colleagues I’ve a long way to go to reach their level). I need to identify where this is taking me and make sure, from a career perspective that I don’t end up being a reasonable coder and a reasonable project manager, but neither at a suffucient level to gain employment in specifically one of these.

Which way do I jump then? Well first off, I’ll enjoy some cool champers and worry about it on Monday morning. đŸ™‚


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