Core04i.Net goes live

So the lastest incarnation of Core04i is a .net (2.0 framework) for the M and B swimming club ( Hot on it’s heels is Kinloch Castle friends Assc ( which about to launch. In the meantime, I’m developing a members-only SMASO (“intranet” as they refer to it) that show roll out quite soon too – this one awaiting content and some membership functions.

Still ticking over and needing signed off is a couple of Core04i PHP incarnations (acupaq and e thornton) which are basically done but need live implementation.

Only stuff on the horizon is development of ACGdataNet (might be worth C4ing that too), a possible doodlebus (Access DB version), and possibile re-do of George Walker.

I need to check – if this is due for renewal then I might jump server to and start in too.


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