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I think the hardest thing to do in web graphics is design a logo [that’s not strictly web graphics is it then?]. A redesign for the biophotonics site was relatively quick. Their logo tooks weeks to develop: to and fro-ing with client till they were happy.

Now, trying to get a an ePortfolio logo has proved equally tiresome. Starting out with the classical doric columns frontage logo as it is at present (Fig. 1) I started with removing a column. Dull. Trying a moving looking thing (figure 2). Looked like a Pacman. A nice 2 joined jigsaw pieces (figure 3). Loss of branding and too common an idea [and too literal as well]. Back to the original – this time shortening and rounding the edges of the column (figure 4). Lumpy but getting somewhere.

So I went back to the idea of columns…Doric, Corinthian, and Ionic. The Corinthian I liked but was too curly and oranate (figure 5). Howevere the Ionic was much better, the spiral being quite distinct. Additional it maintains at least an element of the branding with respect to ePortfolios current graphic (figure 6).
Figure 1.

ePortfolio Version 1

Figure 2.

The Pacman

Figure 3.

The Jigsaw pieces

Figure 4.

Getting there

Figure 5.

Too Curley - the Corinthian column

Figure 6.

And finally

What I’m most looking forward to is the 4Gb freebie memory sticks we’re having made with this logo printed on the side. Nice.


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