Project Management Part 2

One thing I’ve noticed over the last week or so is that I seem to be spending more time not apparently doing anything (coding at least), and I seem to have busy all day. Emails here, phone calls there, skype yes to this and email no to that.

The levels of support calls coming in have become overwhelming for the single guy running the enquiries page. Not helped by the fact that he doesn’t have decent software to administer support calls, nor CRM facilities to effectively deal with issues that arise. Too much of his time is spent digging for information (often using Access as a window into the SQL Server db). He calls for advice and/or action by the team of developers was being sent to all developers who collectively ignored the emails (that’s what you do when you see a crumby-looking task with 6 peoples names listed in the “to” box.

So it came to a head at the last team meeting and guess what, yours truely gets landed with the job of marshalling support guy’s missives and giving them to developers to deal with. We using Axosoft OnTime to manage this. Software bought in to deal with our .net version 2 project management and bug tracking, this tool is proving to be very handy for assigning jobs to individuals and seeing that they get dealt with (or not). Just, it’s more of my time.

I’m supposed to be producing a detailed project plan (or least the Gantt charts) for the .net build next week. I’ve got as far as the force-field analysis and SWOT analysis diagrams but to be honest, we’re a little far down the line to be questioning the feasibility of the project. It is happening, the key is to make sure resources are best directed to the right places. Dang, I need to rethink the SWOT, things are changing. Stakeholder analysis. Get the most out of the team…. etc…

SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads: for the W and T bits read: version 1, the classic ASP coded site. For S and O, hey that must be me right? …


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