Project Management part 1

So the rebuild of e-Portfolio, the project being referred to as EP2 (e-Portfolio version 2), in urgent need of some project management. Step forward yours truly to be project lead/co-ordinator/manager for EP2. In some respects this daunting as the developers in the team are all experienced .net developers, some with proj. manag. experience to boot. Nevertheless, I have as good a knowlegde of EP1 as anyone (well probably better, except for N.M. who’s getting drawn into other projects).

We’ve already put together a pretty good design and db schema for the core of the system, and are taking a multi-database architechure to deal with the diverse usergroups. S.M. has been working on the framework (MS Enterprise Library). Meanwhile, C.P. has installed and set up the tracking and versioning software (onTime and Subversion) on the development server. Things finally starting to happen.

I’ve started working on a more detailed project plan (starting with SWOT and force-field analysis and moving through some other analysis tools, before getting to a realistic Gantt chart that can be passed round the team for discussion). I was at a project management course all day Tuesday so I’m bimming with ideas and now found techniques. I also need to put together requirements documentation for foundation and RCPCH portfolios based on EP1.

Onwards and upwards.


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