A month later….

The last post was probably a bit optimistic. With respect to the completion of Core04i.Net, what hadn’t added was proper (and secure) log ins and role. And membership functions. Many of these built into .Net (saving immense amounts of time), the entire site would seem complete (but for a password reset function).

Once completed, the software gets cloned. The one currently under construction will remain branded as M and B ASC while the copy will become the standard C4.Net source for future sites (e.g. Kinloch castle, a possible Walker Love, and anything else that comes along. Even ACGdataNet might be worth swapping over – currently under Fleming Forum membership, aspnet membership would be better.

On a different subject, Acupaq have looked a redesign on their 3 brands. Not yet approved but essentially done, this uses Core04i.PHP (a multi-site implementation). Pleased with the graphics (see http://www.404i.com/index.php?id=7) although, yet again I’ve used the reflecting surface effect. This is becoming the drop shadow overused effect of web graphics 2007-2008. The question is, where’s the clever design moving to? One thing I have noticed is the re-emergence of serif fonts, in print at least (not always practical for screen text if small). I think everyone’s getting a bit bored of the Helvetica/Arial same-ness of web titles. Even for minimalist design I find a good serif font can look very pleasant. I’m recently very taken by Perpetua (by coincidence, designed by english font-meister Eric Gill, creator of my favourite san-serif font, Gill Sans Serif).


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