Core04i.Net complete

Well it’s just about done…the .net version of the Core04i (aka C4.Net) simple CMS web system. The only tricky bits was correctly implementing the built in .net membership. However, having installed a membership classes and controls (from ) .

With this in place, and roles and permissions set up correctly (thanks to Shafiq for keeping me right on these),  I’ve pretty much have a cms system that can be quickly implemented to any site (for initial set up at least), with just changes needing to be made to the presentation layer (i.e. the master page, css, and menu control). The M and B swimming club site now just needs to have relevant functionality added to it. Just prior to doing that, I’ll take a copy of the site as the blue-print for the next build.
Meantime, an urgent requirement to re-jig the Acupaq site into 3 indivual sites. I think this may not be as big a job as I thought. All three can still run off the same DB and software (may have to look into multiple domains on one server). Hard bit is quickly generating graphics in time.


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