Far too long

Yes, I fear it’s been too long since last I posted, and like Yoda, appears it backwards speak I too. [get on with it – Ed]. .NET is creeping along, when I can find the time. What seems to trip me up is a sense of where objects are going between pages. For example, I thought it would be a great idea to to have a user object that had all these handy properties I could call on through a web application. Such an object wouldn’t persist when changing from default.aspx to nextpage.aspx. However, if I save a unique id of the user in a session variable and then on page load create the user again, using the id as a parameter it needs to be little more than:

if (session["uid"] is not null) {  //note this is pseudo code not actual C#
objUser User = new User(session["uid"]);
//get there full name and access level:

if (objUser.Access > 10) {
//do something

Label1.Text = objUser.Fullname; }

You’ll notice this is more me thinking out loud. Basically, ACGdataNet is held up until I can get a clear notion of what is being asked for of the site. I’ve started something (for the free form assessment process) for e-Portfolio but I’m being held up partly by my laptop battery only lasting 20mins on the train (I need a new battery, sob..) and not having time to do it in work. Also, I’m not totally comfortable with the working of the generic data access process used in other parts of ePortfolio.Net – once sussed then things’ll start moving


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