Anything is possible

A month later and yes you can have more than one supervisor – the tricky bit is picking it up throughout the rest of the site. The pressure is on to have a working version of the RCPCH site for the beginning of June (less than a month). To add to this, there are areas that I’m not entirely sure how it’s supposed to be done, the spec being vague, missing or impossible to implement. Luckily the guy I’m speaking with from RCPCH is on the ball and keen to make things work so I’m not panicking. Yet.

My journey into .net continues. I put together a process for handling for permissions that are regulated by more complex rules. One option was to create SQL Server stored procedures for these rules, but not mad about this as we prefer to keep business processes in the code. The solution was simply a switch statement to pick up a function name (stored with form type) and run a named function, returning a permission object that can be applied to the form in question. Wasn’t too hard to build.

Meanwhile the gradual .net build of ACGdataNet continues, the problem here is to do with the lack of any spec. All in good time…

Started to rebuild SMF (graphically) and need to create a page for : I was just going to clone an existing site ( as asked for, but the code isn’t very good so unpicking this is proving tricky.

Lastly, while Acupaq and Biophotonics seemed to have stalled, I’ve nearly completed E Thornton and Co. Just as well, with threats of more to do for SMASO, KL Music, CLan Mc___ on the horizon. Better get on…


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