And redesign again

I’ve gone and done it again…redesigned the site. Nothing major, just another graphics change. Out with the skylight, in with the jigsaw graphic of maerex (and now acgDataNet) fame.

The acupaq software appears to be all working correctly now so I need to move it back into C4php. The question is do I maintain C4 (ASP) too? I think the answer is still yes. Until the cost of .NET 2.0 hosting comes into a reasonable range (and it isn’t far off it), and my .net skills are good enough to build C4.NET then ASP version will do fine. That said, C4php is doing pretty well.

I think I need to swat up a bit on UML as we need a good object model for the ePortfolio upgrade to .NET. As Doug says, we need to understand and get the interfaces right. And I need to stop banging on about polymorphism. Otherwise I’m up to my neck in things to do, and I need to start building a specialist version of the site for a royal college. Not helped that support levels are growing and we all might have to help out to stem the tide of enquiries (due to an impending post changeover date).

In the meantime ACGdataNet gets put on hold. Again, this needs proper modelling to get the build right.

There are ten types of people who  understand binary: those who do and those who don’t. [Note, this joke doesn’t really work when typed – should be told vocally only – Ed]


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