See sharp – look #

Uh? So the decision’s made and ePortfolio is to ultimately be converted to .NET 2.0 and just in case I wasn’t already diving for the online tutorials and microsoft vids it seems the concensus amongst the other developers is that we should do it in C#. So it’s off to Amazon and buy myself a Visual C# 2005 book from Wrox. It arrived this morning and at 1000 pages it should get me started at any rate – I never liked VB much anyway.

Acupaq are back and looking for a significant upgrade. Needed splitting into 3 sites but it relatively was relatively straight forward to update the newly created C4php to take on site-specific styling. The trick is to have a page which either forces it’s own styling or is allowed to inherit the current site style. Also, I need to be able automatically insert data from an uploaded excel (in csv format) in MySQL. And be able to generate png and/or pdf files.


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