KLM done. Next….

KL music now signed off. Along comes Judy Fielding School of Dance. Based on the same C4 model, this was built on very little time (excluding the News admin functions which will get fed back into the C4 model). At the same time, Strathclyde University Centre for Biophotonics (lasers and microsopy) has asked for a graphics upgrade and a new logo. Nearly there on that. Or at least, I have a design I like and just need to convince them that they want it too.

Lastly, Acupaq have been back in touch asking for a fairly serious amount of upgrades and additions to the existing (flat html site). After some thought I’ve concluded to stick with the php/MySQL route as originally conceived. I had consider a .NET solution but decided I’m not good enough at this yet. I need to spend som more time speccing this one – I need a realistic time scale too.
Which leads on to the idea of building C4 as a .NET template (test on SMF) and so have C4.NET  . I was going to do a PHP version but I’m not sure there’s a need for it yet and I really need to get my .NET 2.0 skills up and running. I’ve downloaded the training vids form MSDN and did lesson one this evening.

Onwards and upwards.


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