zingCOBOL goes 200,000

In the grand scheme of things 200,000 hits is that many but I’m pleased that a site I built in 1999 is still going strong with it’s steady trickle of about 80 – 100 hits per day. Here’s a link to zingCOBOL – A beginners’ guide to programming in COBOL.
Still people learning COBOL around the world. It’s probably not a lot of COBOL jobs going these days though there’s no doubt quite a few legacy apps faithfully churning out financial data. An old analogy I ready some where. When asked the difference be Java and COBOL the article said: I want to be a in supersonic dog fight then I settle for a F1-11 jet fighter. That’s Java. But if I need to get 400 people from London to New York then a 747 is better for the job. That’s COBOL.

Except there isn’t an upstairs bit in COBOL for 1st class.


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