The dark side

I’ve redesigned the 404i page again and this time I promise to try to stick with it for longer – also partly because I’ve had business cards printed using the same graphic. The other thing I did was make virtually no concession to users with small (600×800) screen size. These users are becoming less common and I wanted a wider screen.

Generally it’s considered a bad idea having dark background with white text as the contrast is too string and so difficult to read. However, by making the text greyer the contrast is reduced and the text more readable. If there was a lot of text to read then this wouldn’t be acceptable but this site is more about impact then serious amounts of content.

KL Music is as good as done now which is a relief as following a meeting last week I’ve a pile of things to do for the Fleming Forum site, and 3 more sites impending (a dance school, a university department, and a local swimming club [this one probably quite extensive too]). Luckily I have the C4 (Core-04i) system to get these site started nice and quick.


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