The customer is always right

The a saying in graphic design circles, so I gather, that the customer is never right. I have a client who didn’t like my loverly green and dark grey colour scheme but wanted blue (that’s ok, just over used these days) and yellow (oh dear!). So what do you do? That’s want’s wanted but has the potential to look horrible (yellow is just too luminenscent and in my opinion to hard to work with). The way round it is to try to get a colour that’s yellow but a such a shade that doesn’t burn yours eyes (too much saturation) but doesn’t look like brown (too little staturation). The trick seemed to be to push the hue towards orange (the other way gives a nasty sicky bile colour). The get the blue right. I think I achieved it but I’m not entirely convinced yet – it’s a work in progress and I’ll keep experimenting. If I slowly keep pushing toward the orange then the client will start to get the idea and hopefully see that yellow isn’t actually what he meant, he just thought he meant yellow…


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