Fleming Forum v2.0 goes live

It’s taken nearly a year in development but finally the new version of FlemingForum.org.uk gets not only it first major face lift for over 3 years, the Access database is replaced by SQL Server 2000. To be fair to Access, it was holding up extemely well. Much of it was down to a good host I think (Hostway.co.uk not so cheap but you get what you pay for), but also tidiness with recordset objects: if you’ve finished with rsRec then do the decent thing and rsRec.close set rsRec = nothing (do the same for the connection object too).

There are still a few bugs to pick up, as well as datetime differences to clear up: the getdate() function in SQL Server needs putting in where …'” & now() & “‘.. once sufficed. Oh and “…WHERE XYZ = true …” needs to be “… WHERE XYZ = 1 “.

I was up till to 2am making the changeover, most of that time importing the data between Access and SQL2000, fixing the indexes etc. The actual file swap was easy. Drag version one into a folder marked “old” and drag the new version of the site out of the test directory. Having cleared up about 8 bugs today I expect more will crop up as people start to use the site. Indeed, one of the big tests tomorrow will be the email news alert to the 3000+ users….will it go?


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