There was more, honest…

I just spend ages writing loads of useful stuff about how you should write a blog and things, inspired by Doodleblog I set up for Doodle Bus, and inadvertently hit the undo button. Damn that Tennets Lager!

I was going to say, was at a Glasgow web design meetup. Always worth going along to get webby.

Glancing across my desk I see a copy of book a friend lent me called “supernature” by Lyall Watson. Published in 1973 it proports to be about the stranger side of science. I’ll not pass judgement on it yet but I read in the intro that she references the esteemed journal of the society of psychical research and the journal of parapsychology. Mmm, guess I’m really going to enjoy this one. That reminds me, must remember to submit my latest paper for review to the International Journal of Molecular Astrology. Do you get the feeling the lesser known artrological sign of Bollox in the ascendency this month.

e-Portfolio as gone mad these last few days. Don’t know why but I (and my developer colleagues) seem to be up to the eyeballs in code fixing. The problem is that with a big system it’s hard to spot the errors in parts of the portfolio until users start to use them (like the mad rush to complete assessments before the end of their first post). Just the perfect time when there’s a pile of other stuff to do: BEME fixes, FF2 to go live, KL music, GWC merger and so on…

Time for bed.

PS: Banner graphic needs improvement – must find time for that too.. quite


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