Getting busy

When it rains, it pours. Suddenly (and this isn’t the excuse for having one entry for the whole of October) I have amassed to stack of things to do. A site to have complete by the end of December (for KL Music), just completed a graphics and CMS upgrade for George Walker & Co. (following a merger), numerous additions and changest to Doodle Bus (including “Doodleblog” – under test), impending work for a clan (scottish one, not some gaming thing). Perhaps most significantly, FF2 is about to go live – I need to plan the switch from the current Access db to SQL Server 2000 and make sure the main functions at least are working (registration, news admin, correct logo rotations, member access, news tracking, page tracking). Meanwhile, there’s pressure at work for completion of a systematic review web form (it’s big, with over 200 questions), a talk to consultants about e-Portfolio on Tuesday (not done the slides yet), and an ever growing list of support items to be dealt with for ePortfolio.

I’ve a web design meet-up this Thursday which I really want to attend – haven’t been for ages, might be nice to show off with project OES (the CMS thing I’m doing).


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