Roll up the leg

Possible new job has come along and again it sounds like a call for a fairly extensive CMS. Only at the quotation stage but I suspect I’ll spend more hours on than I’ll charge for. “But why?” you ask…I’ve been meaning to put together a site build that forms the template for project that comes along looking for a high level of CMS but not at the wiki, plone, or phpNuke level. I’m seeing a lot of sites using WordPress as a means of building a site. But they still look like a modified blog. Nothing wrong with that if it does the job, but I do think a purpose build looks better. (Of course I would say that). Anyway, I digress.

The other issue is PHP or ASP. To be honest, I know ASP better and while MySQL is a far better web db, Access for this job would be fine (not too much trouble to upgrade to SQL Server if needs be).

Better get to bed, up early tomorrow.


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