Bored with Web 2.0 yet?

When your not hearing about AJAX these days, it’s probably because everyone bangs on about Web 2.0 – indeed, this very blog, and 404iki are web 2.0 all over, at least in concept and function. It’s great for non-webbies to be able to create a web presence and add to the other 2000 squillion voices out there. It’s great for developers too as it provides a collection of plugin tools that can hugely enhance a site without having to reinvent the wheel or put hundreds of hours of work. Plus you don’t get endless email from clients asking you to change this date, or that phone number on a static html site.

My boredom is starting to arise from the graphic concept that goes with web 2.0 sites – all the funky-coloured, rounded corners, and gel buttons that appear to be the thing to do. Still, it makes a change from silhouettes of flying skateboarders. I blame Apple Corp. for starting it all with the iMac. As far as I can tell, based on hip tv and print designs lately, a classical (well italian renaissance/classical) done in bright tones. Bit like this…

graphic by 404i


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