Bon jour!

Back from 2 weeks en vacance in the south of France (Langedoc – near Carcassonne). Back to immense piles of work to do for the e-portfolio – suddenly the whole UK (well not quite but all Wales and Northern Ireland, and a few English) wants to join in. So of course they send their user data a week before it goes live, in formats that differ from the existing format (vive la XML!? if only) and start asking to do all their assessments in a different way from the system they were shown. It would be fine if they’d only asked 2 months ago.

The new SQL Server powered version of Fleming Forum is close to launch – very close. A recent fun bit was twisting Snitz (an ASP based forum software) to automatically register and/or login logged in users from the FF site. It works though.

Did you know Arial is a print font and isn’t very good on the web (oh dear…). For a clean sans-serif font that all browsers have the gen is to use Verdana. Bon chance.


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