cubes and super cubes

I was down in London end of last week at a Microsoft technical overview on upgrading to SQL Server 2005. Actually quite interesting. The best bit being that SQL Server Express (a only slightly limited version of SS2005) is free. It also come bundled with a “business information” developer which just so happens to be Visual Studio .Net

Anyway, much of what was described was for fairly advanced functions and uses of SQL Server that goes beyond the needs of a humble web developer, but what caught my attention was the notion of data cubes. “What are they?” I asked. Better still, now that SS2005 allows for more that one “fact” in a cube – you can construct multiple cube  things called supercubes. The mind boggles! So I need to found out about these things and see if I can apply them to some of what I am doing.

On that subject, we’ve been told that ePortfolio is about to go national, well kind of international if you can call England, Wales and Northern Ireland as international in relation to Scotland. The point is that the user base in the current SS2000 db is like to increase as much as 10-fold. How much that data all these users will generate means a serious look at the database design and deployment. Step one as far as I’m concerned is a dedicated server running SS2005. Let’s not discuss the code….


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