Going at it all day

So now the science is gone. I code for a living – ASP SQL Server for the NHS Education. The graphic front end is pretty ugly and needs work. The code has been produced by people who know what they’re doing but have been asked to produce a big site in a short space of time. I’m in to extend, repair, and ultimately make it a mean fighting machine.

Did a nice site for www.acupaq.com. Done in php and xhtml find their server won’t run php so had to launch with html grabbed from my test site. It works, but it’s flat html (sorry, xhtml).

Finally, google get round to recognising 404i.com does actually exist, at least as far as PR ranking goes (PR4 will do). Not that I appear in any google search (like “web design glasgow” or even “biomedical web design”). That said, search on Microsoft Network (MSN) (search.msn.com) with “biomedical web design” actually puts 404i at the top. Cool. Shame no one seems to use this….


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