Happy New Year – I hope

2006 is going to be one of those years when stuff should happen. With my current research contract ending in early June I’m following 3 lines lines of attack: the improbable, the unlikely, and the insane. I’ll not indicate which is which but the options (in particular order) are: (i) apply to Wellcome for a grant (based on GPCR acetylation as a negative regulator of ligand-induced degration), (ii) get a job with a company/organisation as a web developer, or (iii) start my own freelance web design company.

I have an interview on Monday for an interesting looking position (based in Edinburgh) which I’m currently working towards (swotting up my XML/XSLT, .NET and SQL Server – and yikes – some Java too). There are a couple more applications sent off though I’ve not heard from these yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the 404i site layout isn’t good enough and needs some work. Following prompting from my Mum (no really) I think I need to be specialised in my target customer. Anyone can do a shop or pub web site but I’ve got a PhD and 16 years of biomedical research experience behind me, as well as 3 years development of medical web sites. Sell that dude!! Calling all biotech/pharmaceutical/medical startups, info providers – I’m your man – when you say ‘antibody’, ‘peptide’, ‘siRNA’, or ‘angonist’, I know what you’re talking about…


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