All change

The 404i site is now the new design, and all valid XHTML valid. The copy still needs work, and needs to be completed for launch in early 2006. I started the business plan yesterday, but there’ll still be blanks until I can speak to an expert.

Finished the CMS on Probably the most extensive CMS to date (Get Reel, DoodleBus and SAMProject have this feature too but probably not so extensive).

The question is the long-term plan. At what stage, assuming the level of jobs reaches the required critical mass, do I start using other people? In the first instance it would be contracting out at least top rate techies and Flash developers. When I reach the first million then I’ll take on permenant staff (lol). I do feel there are a lot of people who think I’m in cloud cukoo land about this. That’ a good source of motivation I’d say. I reckon I have a talent for web design. I’ve seen a lot of sites out there, so are good, but some are not. Strive to be better….

Here’s a possible runner for 404i: “Web design with you in mind”



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