The way forward

Read an interesting article on webpro news about the way forward for web design. CMS. That’s Content Management System. Basically, when someone wants a web page built they’ll want to be able to update and alter the content when they want, and not have to be html savvy, FTPing up and down etc… This isn’t a new idea but when you build a site for someone much more of the content needs to be available for the user to play with than just a news page.

They should be able to change the front page content, menu items, add pages, upload images, etc… The only limitations of this are making sure there is access to a database (text file usage is difficult and slow to implement and load), and increased costs through increased development time. A client would have to be persauded that more expensive hosting (which isn’t much for PHP/MySQL hosting these days), and development costs are worth it in the long run. I have a client how has a site that frequently requires content alterations and has to call on me to update it, which costs each time. Very small changes aren’t worth charging for but still cost me time.

You could argue that implementing an extensive CMS is like turkeys voting for Christmas since the developer can hand over the finished product and that’s effectively. However, if this is the way the web is going then you’ll have to do it oterwise you’ll not land the job in the first place. Anyway, a really good site might actually inspire the client to ask for more functionality to be added to it once they get to see what can be done.

Next time you build a site, look to build in as much CMS functions as possible, even to the extent of altering style sheets (here text file changes might be beneficial).

On the subject of Aquamarine Design, here’s the logo (well putative anyway):
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