Nag nag

I’m still struggling to get paypal to call my responder. Until it does I can’t process orders. This is using the paypal sandbox to test the process, but it doesn’t allow you to test as a non-registered user (which what customers will be). Testing the live site is going to cost real money from charges too. Mmmm.

Having an ongoing discussion with Kev (from Glasgow Web Design Meetup) about whether to use xhtml rather than html 4 strict. He’s certainly put forward some excellent points. I seem to have a prejudice against xhtml based purely on the notion that some people use xhtml for the sole purpose of saying “aren’t I clever, I’ve built this site using xhtml” rather than for the purpose of future proofing a site and all the other arguments. I suspect I’m just being overly cynical. So here’s the challenge. Convert to valid xhtml and see how easy it is (Homesite may help me out here).

On another tack, Kev mentioned the subject of AJAX (that’s: Asynchronous Javascript And XML). This a process by which elements within a page can be updated from the server without having to reload an entire page. I need to look into it more but I clearly has great potential for powering up web page efficiency and functionality. Imagine being able to collect data from a database for say, a user login without having to call the server for a new page request. Just use ajax to query the database and immediately validate the log in. If all ok then reload the page/go to member area, otherwise tell them immediately – sorry, try again.


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