Job done

The name is changed. Changing the name within the code was relatively simple – just do a directory-wide replace of pi2011 to 404i. The hassle was having to re-do all the graphics (and the images still have a pi2011 watermark – doesn’t really matter though). Next job that MUST get done is to get the PayPal payments working. That will then properly open up the market globally.

Word is that Google are updating soon so work is being done to get Doodlebus spruced up a bit. Sitting on a PR3 this really needs getting up to a PR4/5. More importantly is to get its position better from a search.

Nearly finished site and the HWLRG site. Former has a couple of scripted pages to do (forgot password for example), while hwlrg just needs a few content tweaks. Need to bill them. 🙂


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