well not quite

Slightly umped the gun with the PayPal payments. I realised that the IPN was not in place. That would mean someone would hand over there readies and then nothing would happen. Not exactly ideal customer relations. The IPN seems rather complex but it could well be not as bad as I thought once I’ve read the manuals (which are too big so hard to find the relevant bit). Both payment methods still need an email notification set, and the customer email needs to be grabbed too.

On the same site I’ve been fine tuning the graphics (following opinions from forums). Incidentally, this is good way of also getting the site out there, especially as the forum users are potential customers. Feedback was generally pretty positive…people really like the image of Bamburgh castle:
Bamburgh castle from the beach at low tide.

This image was also popular in an image stock site. Really must get on with some graphics to get the stock complete enough. (misc., backgrounds, and logos).


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