What makes a good web designer?

When pondering setting up a web design business it has often occured to me, though prehaps a tad obvious, that out there are graphic designers who have immense skill at creating fantastic looking designs and layout. These people being rather more skilled in the task than I. Likewise, out there are coders (techies) who can put together mindingly complex and powerful code, particularly in the realms of .NET, PHP and cgi/Perl (not to mention all the other sqillions of other technologies out there). Again, I don’t have a problem admitting these people are way ahead of me on this count too.

So should I throw my hands in the air and declare my intention to give it all up and go start up a shoe shop in Oban since I can’t compete with either camp. A ha! That’s it you see…they are TWO camps: graphics and tech. I, like many a freelancer, must walk the middle ground between both disiplines, calling on a reasonable amount of quality from both areas, pulled together to create a web site, which in essence, is a product of both art and technology.

So has this to do with business? Well, as a one man show this is all fine and well, but ultimately it is restricting. I am excluded from highly complex jobs through lack of necessary skills. Cutting edge design might also suffer too. I like to think what I have done so far is mostly quite good, but it isn’t at the front edge. My point is that to really be able to grow then getting specialised staff is the next step. My job would be to pull it together into a concept – the web site itself.

Know what you can do, but also know what you can’t.


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