Slowly but surely

I’m refering to π2.011 development of course. The payment system, followed by download function are now working (for NOCHEX at least). Need to set up a download retrieval system for users to enter their transaction id (so I don’t have to keep download files on the server for more than 24 or so hours).

Problems with Doodle bus. The conversion rate isn’t good. The hit rate is fine but people are making enquiries. Need to meet with the client to discuss the issue. More than just an SEO issue. Back linking is fine (the site has a PR3 which could be improved) but I think there will need to be more consumer confidence (the testimonials made clearer). More Scotland-orientated content, news, reviews, recommendations, image gallery. Look at the queries that have been made. Are there any questions that appear that could be addressed online: some people are asking but others may be hitting the back button. I think more (expensive) traditional marketing will be required. Still works better than anything else. It’s those newspaper travel supplements. Figure out how to get a feature written…nows that’s gold dust!!!


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