Going wireless

Having just purchased a new laptop (with lots of bells and whistles, including Centrino wireless connectivity), my next purchase was a wireless router. Hopefully not too complex and installation process but we shall see. I’ll write my next post with a cup of coffee from the garden (or upstairs bedroom is weather inclement) assuming all goes simple pimple.

π2.011 continues to be built. Have the thumbnails, pop up previews and download products all on the server. Now it’s just the tedious task of adding all the data to the db get get it all visible. The online payment seems to be set up fine for UK credit card payments (using NOCHEX) but still haven’t figured out how to get PayPal to work. Also, I’ve only prepared one graphic (a web template) for download. These are more complex as they have to be made of properly labelled layers in Photoshop, converted to TIFF format, and then zipped for download.


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