The build starts

Like I haven’t enough to do, I’ve started on the photo site, now online (but not doing much) at So there’s a home page, and then pages for Photography, Graphics, Art and a link to the xerxiam web design page. Not completely sure about the banner graphics just yet but it’s something to be getting along with while I build the php scripts and build the database. I’ve no idea how I’ll set up payment systems for the checkout (PayPal I guess) but I’ll get to that. Certainly plenty of room on the server for big images. I probably should generate some opinion from the forums, though I’ll wait till the db is running (tracking data, building the basket etc..).

Noticed I’ve a Google PR4 for XerXiam, and PR3 for FWDX and Forum sites. That’s nice (though unsuprisingly no PR for Xeream).


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